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Maintaining the health of your pet's gums and teeth is one of the most important things you can do to increase the quality and length of your pet's life. A recent veterinary study concluded good oral care could add up to 2 years to a pet's life.

•Current research shows 75-85% of pets over the age of 3 have dental disease.
•Pets with gingivitis are physically uncomfortable.
•Gum and tooth disease lead to endocarditis, (heart valve infection), kidney and other organ infections.
•You will enjoy your pet more when he doesn’t have halitosis (bad breath.)

Dogs and cats shouldn't have bad breath and advanced dental disease can be painful for your pet and costly to address. To prevent oral pain and disease we recommend daily brushing and regular oral exams. When needed, your pet should have a professional prophylaxis, (“cleaning”), which will include a thorough oral evaluation, scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment. Careful attention to your pet’s mouth will help ensure he keeps his teeth as long as possible, control breath odor and help prevent liver, kidney, and heart disease from developing which can dramatically decrease the cost of veterinary care as he ages.

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