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Dental Care for Your Pet

Posted on 02-15-2013

February is Veterinary Dental Health Month! Home dental care for your cat or dog has the same goal as home dental care for yourself, to remove dental plaque. Plaque is the sticky, whitish film wit...

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Pet Health Insurance

Posted on 01-02-2013

As the amount of money spent on pet healthcare increases steadily at an estimated rate of 40% a year, and as pets become more like family, owners are often willing to spend more on their pet's health...

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Holiday Hazards

Posted on 11-30-2012

The holidays are a time for celebration, spending time with family, and reflecting on the good things that occurred during the year. The holidays can be hazardous for your pet though, so to make su...

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Bladder Stones

Posted on 11-08-2012

Bladder stones, (also called urocystoliths), are an all too common affliction of our canine and feline companions. The how and why of their development varies by species and breed and even by individu...

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Rabies. Why Vaccinate?

Posted on 11-05-2012

Two people exposed to rabies in Whitfield County, Georgia have Public Health officials concerned. This is especially alarming because the exposure resulted from contact with a 15-year-o...

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